Friday, June 11, 2010

Strength training

It was another tough training this morning. I had yet to get over Wednesday’s chin-ups and back workouts before having to do the same thing again! The back muscles were not as sore yesterday as this morning – this DOMS is driving me nuts! That is Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness. But know something…I secretly crave these type of soreness.

Today’s training is probably the toughest since I started working with Michael – practically every exercise was a new PB-increased-weight-plate. Since he called it strength training, the supersets were missing but we still manage to cram in quite a number of exercises in one hour.

a) Weight assisted chin ups
b) Cybex incline chest press
c) Nautilus chest pec fly
d) Leg press
e) Seated leg curl
f) Bicep curl
g) Tricep press down
h) Abs on machine

Let us see if DOMS rears its head tomorrow or Sunday!

I am also re-starting my twice a day protein shake consumption this week (I stopped when we decreased the intensity of the trainings when I fractured my foot) but I am also taking this re-introduction cautiously.

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