Monday, June 14, 2010

Functional Training

It is nice being able to resume functional training on the Busa ball although I would have preferred it on Wednesday since the adiNation Training Run is in the evening. Oh well, it is Michael’s programme and he has structured it for maximum effectiveness (I guess! I think!!!).

We started the exercises without the Busa (read: heavier loads) and use the Busa for the next two sets.
a) Combo of BB deadlift and clean-and-jerk
b) BB bend over back row
c) BB shoulder overhead press
d) Squats
e) Combo of DB frontal raise and lateral raise
f) Single leg static lunges with one leg on Busa

Continuing with
g) Chin ups
h) Technogym cable chest pec fly
i) Push ups

The next supersets were for:
j) Combo of plate pull over, ab crunches and stand up (for squats) lying on the Busa
k) Abs crunches
l) BB bicep curl

Since it was a functional workout today, only a single serving of protein shake for the day.

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