Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Short Run

I woke up to a cool morning and warmed up with a 4.57km run before heading to the gym. I thought I could run another two laps around Lake Gardens but decided to give my right foot a break. The top and outer edges of my foot looks swollen and feels tender to the touch despite the icing last night. It is still achy and tired from Saturday’s race. I am hopeful (and cross my fingers tightly) that it will get well by tonight before tomorrow’s adiNation Training Run. I should email Kei Ming and request for hill intervals for tomorrow’s training! It is about time I re-start the engine on hill and interval trainings.

Today’s weather was perfect for outdoor runs – the temperature was cool after last night’s downpour and the air smelt fresh and clean. I warmed up with walking and jogging around the car park before hitting the running trail. As usual, I started the first lap gingerly and slowly before the upping the pace in the second, even managing 5:18 min/km in the last 500 meters (yes, including the uphill on the way back). Looks like I am almost back to my pre-fracture pace though I suspect it is going to take another 2-3 weeks.

I think last night’s early-to-bed helped tremendously with this morning’s run and cardio session at the gym. I felt good and energized throughout the session and even now in the office. Contrast this with yesterday’s could-hardly-keep-my-eyes-open and constant yawning. Since Michael has planned to put me through a heavy-only weight training regime tomorrow morning, a 10 pm lights out doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

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