Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I so want to have hummus after reading it on Monica’s www.runeatrepeat.com; no actually I’ve always had a craving for chick peas since Aunty Mabel bought them as snacks from the Taman Megah night market a few years ago. Monica has opened my eyes (or rather mind!) to the possibilities of hummus – salad dressing, spread, sandwich fillings, oatmeal topping etc when all this while, I only considered it as fillings for pita bread.

Unfortunately, this is not UK where it is possible to pop over to Sainsbury or Marks & Spencer or Waitrose to get a ready-made jar of them. The closest would probably be Cold Storage (CS) or Mercato – SW mentioned that she might have spotted them at CS. Chick peas are a good source of protein and carbs, especially for vegans. I am also thinking of falafel but this one is probably an even harder find than hummus.

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