Monday, June 14, 2010


I did two short runs over the weekend (read: 4.6 km around Lake Gardens) with two hill repeats on Saturday. I felt good and I think the hill repeats on Saturday helped me shave off 1 minute on Sunday’s run. I’ll try to include two or three hill repeats at the end of my short runs since this is suppose to build stamina and endurance – the muscles are fatigued after the run but would still need to push for the finale. Or so the theory goes!

After a strenuous workout over the weekend (the two runs, vinyasa yoga on Saturday and cardio and pole dancing on Sunday), I was really looking forward to loading up during dinner last night. HTN gave me the choice of either Shook! or Alexis and I picked the former since it has been a while since I dined there. SW, HTN and I had a lovely time both photographing the food and actually consuming them! As usual, I stuck to warm water while HTN had his fill of vanilla milkshake and SW, the lychee margherita. The opener was miniature toasts with a tomato reduction followed with angel hair pasta aglio olio for SW, seafood calzone for HTN and margherita pizza for me (mistake! Since they were littered with melted cheese!). I should have gone with the cha soba/udon that I passed because they did not include any fillings/condiments (I might as well have made them on my own, right?). Dessert made up for it – SW and HTN shared the tiramisu with chocolate mousse/biscotti and macha ice cream with red beans while I had the passionfruit sorbet (I munched on some mangoes when I got home!). All in, a lovely dinner in a great ambient restaurant.

We walked about a bit around Starhill and Pavilion after dinner, the latter mainly because HTN wanted to pick up his recently repaired luggage and I wanted to redeem my Adidas voucher. I ended up with the adizero Tempo because they do not stock the Mana or Ace anymore though I am planning to get the customized Ace soon. I get a 50% discount for miAdidas shoes once a year for participating in the adiNation Training Run. I had a sneak preview of what my miAdidas Ace would look like on the computer simulation last night – hot pink with yellow bits! Hey, at RM235, it is still cheaper than buying if off the shelf; and it comes with the colour and design I want!

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