Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Recovery Jog & Monday's Toughie

I went for another recovery jog on Saturday morning before Richard’s class. As my foot felt strong and secure, I decided to jog at a faster pace and completed two laps at 7min/km. However, my big toe/bunion gave me some problems and the foot was a bit swollen over the weekend – it is probably because I am still hesitant about putting my toes down and using the “wrong” muscles. Mr Soon gave my foot a look over yesterday and after some massage, it seems to be back to normal. It is a long shot but I’m hoping to bring the pace down to 6min/km for the Adidas Sundown next weekend – being mindful that it’s not completely healed.

Michael had forewarned me about today’s toughie last Friday and I made sure I was nicely tucked in bed by 10 pm last night! This morning’s menu was low reps, maximum load.

Supersets of:
a) Smith machine incline chest pres
b) DB bench chest press

Supersets of:
c) Single arm DB chest pullover on bench
d) Push ups with toes raised on bench

Supersets of:
e) Smith machine squats
f) DB + BW squats

Supersets of:
g) Back bend over roll
h) Smith machine shoulder overhead press

Supersets of:
i) BB bicep curl
j) Cable rope tricep pressdown + opening

k) Ab crunches on stability ball with legs higher on wall mirror

All in, a good tough workout to start the week.

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