Friday, May 14, 2010

Resuming Functional Training

We had my first ever functional training since the fracture and it was good! Good in terms of balance (at least at the beginning!) and no pain on the metatarsal. It looks like we will be able to resume our once-a-week functional training. We trained on the Busa ball this morning although we did it in the free weights area as opposed to the PT area. The one big giant superset made up of:
a) Combo of DB squat and single arm upright row into an overhead shoulder press on the Busa ball
b) Combo of single arm back pressdown and back row on the LF cable
c) Low-to-high chest fly with LF cable on the Busa ball
d) Combo of one-leg outward stretch and plate lateral raise
e) Combo of squats and clean-and-jerk with LF cable on the Busa ball
f) Combo of bicep curl and back row with LF cable on the Busa ball
g) Finished off with ab crunches

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