Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Impromptu Evening Jog

It was a last minute decision to head to Lake Gardens yesterday evening for a short recovery jog although I had packed my running gear. I was not too sure if I could make it given the uncertainty of my workload or if the weather would hold up. I got there roundabouts 6:45 pm and warmed up by walking around the car park. There was a slight drizzle throughout the run although it got heavier in the last km; it was a liberating and carefree run and I finished two laps in 31:51 min. I am still hesitant about powering on even though the foot felt strong and secure; I do really need to change the mind set.

Should I up the pace during the adiNation Training Run on Wednesday? Or should I give it a couple more days to adjust to this pace?

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