Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I started walking last week – covered two loops around Lake Gardens on Sunday and again on Wednesday. Timing was, naturally, off key but the goals for those days were to cover the distance. While I felt stronger last weekend, fear is holding me back from attempting a slow jog and I brisk walked instead. I managed to shave off 15 minutes on Sunday evening for the same distance; only this time, I did it around my neighbourhood. SW thinks (and I somewhat agree) that I should give it another week before upping the pace.

My walking gait improved tremendously over the week and I no longer walk or shuffle with a limp. This also meant I do not overuse or strain the wrong muscle or overcompensate my shortcomings with my left foot. I woke up on Monday without the soreness that had accompanied my previous walks which meant that either my muscles are getting used to the load or I am using the correct ones.

I am still very far away from pre-fracture but the progress I have made so far is more than encouraging. I can hardly ask for more than half the recovery time – I started walking after two weeks versus the standard six weeks. So here is a recap of things I did (or not do):
a) bone up with soy milk, fortified food and supplements
b) to the extent possible, avoid (or minimize) salt and processed food
c) keep up the exercise regime albeit at very low intensities (no weight bearing exercises or jumping or lunges as yet)
d) most importantly, keeping my appointments with Mr Soon and taking the herbal supplements.

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