Thursday, May 13, 2010

VFF Bikila - I want!!!

I gathered from SgRunners that the Bikila (for those who are clueless, think Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) and running) will begin selling in Singapore at the end of May. I am quite tempted to get a pair and since I am already shopping for a VFF, I might as well settle for one designed for running.

The downside (and it is a huge downside!) is the hefty price tag of $209. It seems quite decadent to be splurging RM500+++ on a pair of toe shoes which can only be used for a limited period and purpose i.e. running and maybe trawling the malls (hahahaha!).

I am due for a bit of a “windfall”, if backlog claims can be termed as such, at the end of the month.

My other justification? It is still about RM200 cheaper than what I have shelled out for my foot treatment. And if the claims prove to be true for me, it will keep IBTS, heel spurs etc at bay.

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