Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday's Cables Workout

It was back to the cables this morning; and it was one huge superset. The only exercise we did not manage to do was the lunges - I am still not confident to bend my toes (though when I visited Mr Soon later in the morning, I got the all clearance!). Oh well, Wednesday it is.
On the Freemotion Dual Cables,
a) Free standing seated upper back row
b) Chin ups (How? Legs atop the bar and pulled myself up the weighted cable; absolutely ingenius!)
c) Bendover chest fly
d) Squats (Lunges was to follow but we skipped this)
e) Reverse fly for rear delts
f) Overhead shoulder press
g) Bicep curls
h) Overhead tricep press
a) Crunches on mat
b) Plank (Hey I managed this without bending my toes! Well it was a one-leg support plank instead of the usual two).
I am figuring if I should head over to Richard's for yoga this evening.

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