Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Disappointing Workout

It was a truly dismal performance this morning - the pulling i.e. backs and the pushing i.e. chest motions were just not cooperating that even Michael found it strange. I guess it was a combination of lack of shut eye last night which was brought about by the email DL sent me in the evening requesting for the TC proposal to be done today as well as the tranching for )(*&^%$#@! deal (you know who you are). Enough said.
A bit of good news. Somewhat. I got chased out of the office today - they are enforcing a strict no entry rule for those working in our off site office and home. Guess work will be extremely limited now notwithstanding the saga above.
Back to today's workout. We pressed on with the squats and leg press - it's getting heavier! - we're back to the 100lbs on the leg press and I am pretty certain we will breach this limit in the next two sessions.
Supersets of:
a) Lat pull down
b) Straight arm press down
c) Seated cable low row
Supersets of:
d) Incline chest press
e) BB chest press
f) Cable chest fly
Supersets of:
g) Plate loaded leg press
h) Smith machine squats
i) Tricep press down
j) Abs - crunches

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