Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dinner with SW and HTN

I had dinner with SW and HTN last weekend - a treat on account of my fractured foot. We headed to Alexis at Great Eastern Mall since they needed to pick up some paint and groceries.
Alexis has a very strange layout in the sense that the non-smoking zone is squashed on both ends by the smoking zones. Yeah, they have a smoking zone in the air-conditioned area and since there is no partition or separate air ventilation, the place is basically a smoking zone by default. In the end, we sat outside (which was one of the designated smoking zone) but because of the open space and continous fresh air circulating, we did not have to put up with the smokes.
SW ordered a soda while HTN stuck to his usual strawberry milkshake (and promptly finished it before our meal came!). Quick take on our meal:
SW: baked seafood spaghetti
HTN: pizza napolitana
Me: Lebanese bread with hummus and eggplant dips; garlic bread with baked mushrooms

Everyone agreed that the latter was good! SW thought it went very well with HTN's pizza. I had it with on top of the eggplant spread on the Lebanese bread. The eggplant dip was much better than the hummus - I found it a tad too dry and bland.

SW and HTN topped off the meal with tiramisu which I declined since it's cheese and I was pretty filled up.

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