Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Disastrous Cable Workout

I cannot pinpoint exactly what was bothering me this morning – my mind and thoughts felt jumbled up and hence the loss of concentration during this morning’s session. It was so bad that Michael asked if I was OK, had enough sleep/rest (which I did coz I was in bed at 10:30pm!), what I had for dinner or was bothered with any issues. I guess it is one of those “down” days; I could discount the chest exercises since my pectoral muscles are still sore from Monday’s workout but not the rest of the muscle groups. The first set was a total wash out but the following two as well as the additional leg press was good.

a) Freemotion dual cable cross: Combo of squats and overhead shoulder press
b) Life Fitness cable : Chin ups with legs suspended on low bar
c) Freemotion dual cable cross : Back/low-to-front/raised chest press
d) DB lateral raise
e) Bicep curl
f) Life Fitness cable: Tricep press down
g) Abs was on the back-to-forward machine abs crunch

To make up for the less than satisfactory performance (yes, I was lamenting and whining there!), Michael threw in a bonus leg press on the Life Fitness machine.

My game plan for Friday’s workout starts tomorrow/Thursday with:
a) sleeping early
b) have nutritious meals throughout the day
c) hydrate well throughout the day
d) not let late night or early morning emails spoil my day
e) concentrate, concentrate and concentrate on the task at hand – which is the functional training (yes, he let me in on Friday’s menu).

Perhaps the game plan should begin today. For a start, I should increase my food intake – I am still underweight despite the reduced training in the past month – and vary my diet (it is getting monotonous and a re-jig might throw my endocrine off course and make it work harder and more efficiently).

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