Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday's Workout

We tried the lunges today - it's still a no go and when I checked with Mr Soon just before lunch, he said I need to avoid that for the moment. This means we will be doing a lot more of the leg extensions, leg curls, squats and leg presses.
While Mr Soon was bandaging my foot, the two elderly ladies (I bumped into them earlier last week I think) and I were having a chat - they were "alarmed" (to say the very least) that I was continuing with my workouts and walks. Plus the fact that I am not in pain - oh well, except on day 1; one of the ladies commented that her son was still limping and in pain even after three months. I hazard a guess which Mr Soon concurs - you need to get the blood and muscles moving for a speedier recovery but be mindful that you are injured so crank down the intensity and reduce the weights on the workouts. The other thing I had going for me was my diet - vegan (meat especially beef can be a bone "robber"), fortified food, soy milk, calcium and multivits supplements and avoiding salt and processed food.
Ok, enough of rambling and get back to today's workout:
Supersets of:
a) Bench press
b) DB chest press
c) BB lying down pull over
Supersets of:
d) Combo of DB lateral raise, DB overhead shoulder press and squats
e) Sumo squats
Supersets of:
f) Free weights squats
g) Seated one arm back low row
h) Bend over low tricep press down

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