Friday, May 28, 2010

Final Workout for the Week

It is Wesak Day! Have a blessed day everyone!
Despite it being a public holiday, there was no let up in training; hey, even the gym opening time remained at 6:30 am! I checked with Michael on Wednesday and he said it is business as usual, training wise today. I got into Mid Valley pretty early - about 6:20 am I think - and started off with an easy warm up on the Precor cross trainer. I had expected a cable of functional workout but it was far from it. Michael pushed for hard and long workout this morning, starting with the legs.
Supersets of:
a) LF leg press
b) Cybex prone leg curl
c) Leg extension
d) Jumping jacks/squats (yeah, unbelievable given my "supposedly" fractured metatarsal!)
Supersets of:
e) Incline chest press
f) Forward chest press
g) Chest fly
Supersets of:
h) Lat pull down (this was tough! I could actually feel the strain on my left back/shoulder blade muscles)
i) Low row
j) Single arm DB row
Supersets of:
k) Forward press abs
l) Machine abs crunches
m) Plank
Yup, definitely a lot of work this morning, which is why I am planning on turning in at 10 tonight.

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