Saturday, May 29, 2010

Adidas Sundown 2010

I did it! I finished the 10km in a respectable 56:05 minutes. Given the lack of training (ok, zero training) and coming back from a fracture, I am quite pleased with myself. I was prepared to walk if the need arises but this did not happen.
Tomorrow is 6 weeks since my fracture - the standard recovery time - but my foot does not feel "normal" yet. Mr Soon said 8 weeks for a "complete" heal and for it to be strong enough to withstand pressure. I am still keeping up with his meds as well as loading up on the nutrients.
My foot looks a bit swollen and tender but I am hesistant to ice it since the recommended treatment calls for heat/warm treatment which I do not have on hand. My stomach feels a bit funny too - a bit of cramps. So apart from these 2 "complaints", I feel good.
I got back a bit late from the run since I had some errands to run at White Sands (the mall adjoining the Pasir Ris MRT); hence the late dinner but I am determined to hit the sack at midnight. Tomorrow and Monday will be recovery trainings.
I head over to Diane just after lunch tomorrow for my deep tissue massage which I am looking forward too. Then it is off for a spot of shopping - I am hoping to land the Bikila!

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