Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stressful April

I foresee a stressful month ahead with the TC / PCB closing at the end of the month. As things stand, I am already feeling the heat and I should not really, since there is more than enough buffer to meet the deadline. Naturally, it is 100% self-induced.

I have also cleared my diaries for the month and have only penciled in one run (unfortunately, I cannot back out of this since I signed up for it in November / December and made travel arrangements). This is such a shame because I so wanted to go to HK. Oh well, let’s hope nothing gets in the way of my year end trip – my resolution is to make an annual trip to HK be it with Aunty Mabel and grandma or with YM. I guess the year-end trip should not be as iffy as any planned for the other months since things tend to wind down in December.

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