Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday and Reflections

I cannot believe Good Friday crept in without a moment’s notice; oh well, it’s my fault actually – have been so busy with work, trainings and runs that most days passed by in a blur. Easter Sunday will mark the second anniversary since I started on the Buteyko breathing and my vegan diet. It has been a tough discovery journey for the former and the opposite for the latter but I’m glad to have persevered. Good Friday is a more significant event compared to Easter Sunday and Christmas but common folks identify with the last two due to the commercialization of those events. Good Friday was the day Jesus was crucified – God sacrificed his son in order for the rest of us to live; Easter Sunday signifies the resurrection of Jesus while Christmas is a celebration of his birth. It just dawned on me that my last three trainers are Christians – Prabha, Satish and now Michael, not that I have anything against non-believers.
Speaking of Michael, I am still trying to warm up to him – we are still not up the easy going banter level I had with Satish. He is technically sound, even better than Satish and probably on par with Prabha. We got talking about my runs and training sessions, especially on the issue of gender – you may throw brickbats at me for saying this but I am going to put it down anyway: if you want improvements and going further, you have to run and train with the guys.

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