Monday, April 5, 2010

Serenity Cove

I am in for a painful 2 days ahead as result of the combination of a deep tissue massage yesterday, Saturday’s interval training and vinyasa yoga and yesterday’s cardio session and hatha yoga. I had been looking forward to trying out Serenity Cove’s massage since last week (I tried getting an appointment after the Energizer Night Race but they were fully booked) and after the roughshod trainings over the weekend, the massage was a welcome relief.

I think RM60 for a 1.5 session is a steal! I should also check out their hot stone therapy as well. The session started with a hot footbath and the therapist got right down to business with a calf massage – most places will just give you a quick brush of the foot. And onto the bed for a full 1.5 hours of excruciating pain! I had more or less anticipated “pain” at the usual spot – shoulders but this time, it included the quads, hamstrings and calves! I should have known better since my quads and hamstrings were so sore from the trainings. Plus I did request for hard pressure to be applied. Well, that should teach me a lesson! Or maybe not since I am a glutton for punishment.

I would liken the session to my first time with Diane and was expecting a painful 2 days after yesterday’s session – Diane calls it a major detox. Somehow, only the shoulders and back were sore and painful when I woke up this morning; the legs felt good and fresh. Overall, the session was a much needed relief for the muscles.

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