Thursday, April 29, 2010


I picked up my “no walking, no weight bearing excuse” letter from Dr Ling’s office this morning and sent it across to Firefly. That should sort out rescheduling my flight without the RM50 penalty (on top of additional fare fees if the re-booked flight fare is more expensive). I am thinking of either using this for the Run for Cancer, Shape Run or the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run.

Since the introduction of the SBZ-SIN route in July 2009 (?), I have not been busing down south. There are a couple of advantages to flying with Firefly:
  • Shorter travelling time even after accounting for the lead time for check in (takes the same amount of time to get to Subang and Bandar Utama; check in time required is only 1 hour vs the usual 2 hours for international flights)
  • No time wasted at immigration checkpoints
  • Comfortable travelling; less stressful and tiring journey – means I’m fresh for my run the next day
  • The introduction/zero fare last year meant it was only RM50 more expensive than a First Coach ticket (unfortunately the fare has been creeping up from RM12 to RM39.90 to RM79.90 which adds on to the RM165 tax and admin charges I was paying)
    Safer, especially after the tirade of news of speeding buses and resulting fatalities and injuries notwithstanding First Coach’s excellent track record and speed policy of 110km/h

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