Monday, March 1, 2010

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Richard has his own studio now – it’s on the second floor above the Shawn Cutler hair salon in Bangsar (same row as La Bodega). The place is absolutely gorgeous – from the wood padded studio to the light incense waffling through the reception with Buddha statue to the swanky bathrooms adorned with fresh flowers, Marks & Spenser toiletries and tea lights. I fell in love with the place the moment I step foot into it on Saturday.

Saturday was my first class with him at his new place (he only opened in February). It was an intermediate/advanced Vinyasa Flow class and as usual, I enjoyed myself even though Richard’s classes tend to be tougher and the poses more difficult to execute (not that I can do it! Still…). Richard’s teaching style, technical knowledge and encouragement is inspiring and I usually find myself going further in his classes. I am not too sure if it was the hiatus from Richard’s class (since December I think) or the combination of Friday’s workout and the intensity of the class, my back muscles have been so sore since Sunday! But hey, it’s the good kind of soreness.

I signed up for a year’s worth of classes – 64 for RM1,600 but informed Richard that I will need some flexibility on the validity period as I could only attend the Saturday morning classes (and only on weekends I am in town). I’m quite tempted to attend some of the week night classes now that I’ve moved my Buteyko practice to the mornings but this is only possible if I finish early.

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