Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Buteyko - Two years on

It has been 2 years since I attended my Buteyko workshop. Since then there has been many changes to the ways I think and lead my life. I signed up for the workshop at Shilpa’s encouragement – I did not need to lose weight and neither did I have any serious underlying medical problems. And I was then already breathing diaphragmatically (i.e not hyperventilating or breathing through my mouth even during exercises). I am naturally active, physically, and Shilpa thought it would be a good idea to see how much further I go with the Buteyko.

My trainer and I noticed that my muscles, especially my abs, were more defined the morning after my first Buteyko practice (Thursday evening). The rest of the changes were more subtle and came about slowly – my irritation to problems decreased to be replaced calmness, I do not get angry or panic easily even when confronted with crises, the spots on my face cleared up. As with the other students, I have lost weight, a lot in fact – something which I didn’t need to and I’m trying to put it back (not succeeding though).

I have been fairly consistent with my practice – once a day – except for the few times when I’m travelling and it was inconvenient to practise. I started with doing it twice a day for a month, dropping it to once and always before dinner as I found it easier to hold the MP as the day progresses – which was contrary to most of students’ experiences. A few weeks ago, I experimented with doing it in the morning – started with Saturdays and recently every morning. Contrary to my expectations, I managed to hold my MP; in fact I felt more alive and energetic and able to maintain a tough workout.

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