Monday, March 22, 2010

Timex 1440 Sports

I got a Timex 1440 Sports yesterday from P.K. Time at 1Utama as a stop gap measure while the Garmin FR405 is being fixed. The deal was not too bad – RM99 vs. the original RM159 given the ongoing GP Sale. Since it will function as a temporary one, there was not a need to get an expensive or funky one. And so what does the Timex 1440 Sports offer?

a) stop watch without memory space for saving data – which means if I do laps or intervals, it’s up to me to remember the timings

b) alarm – not that I have any use for it since I now have an alarm clock (which I bought at the same time!!!) or my de-riguer mobile phone or Blackberry (when push comes to shove)

c) countdown timer – the lady at the shop kept harping on this and I had no “elfin” idea what she was yapping about! Anyway, after a bit of an explanation, it refers to the alarm that goes off at the set time i.e. good when precise timings are required - cooking or baking or hair colouring.

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