Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One giant superset of functional training

As the title implies, it was single superset of exercises this morning but hey, I enjoyed it. This was one of the rare occasions – yes, maybe I will hit the jackpot if I head to the casino. Let’s see if my memory holds up when I re-tabulate the exercises below:
a) the dreaded chin ups on True Stretch
b) combo of DB squats, walking lunges and jumping jacks (minus the DB on the last one – I’m not insane or strong enough yet!)
c) static lunges with raised front foot on the mini stability “pillow” (nope, I’ve yet to be acquainted with its official name)
d) Michael’s BW leg press i.e. I was lying down and supposed to push him back – this one actually works! My quads were aching and still are!
e) Technogym cable chest press balanced on the Busa
f) Technogym cable frontal raise moving up and front from a lower and side position
g) Technogym cable rear delt
h) Combo of BB clean and jerk, bend over row and shoulder press
i) Abs – the wheel
j) Leg raises

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