Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Workout after the Bunny Run

It was back to business yesterday after Saturday night’s Energizer Night Race 2010. It was a recovery cardio coupled with pole dancing and lots of rest on Sunday not that I am feeling 100%. Geez, it was only a 10km run (minus a few hundred metres!) and I am whining like it was a full 42km!

Monday’s business as usual included:

Supersets of:
a) DB chest press
b) Smith machine incline press

Supersets of:
c) Smith machine decline press
d) BW push ups with legs raised on bench

Supersets of:
e) BW chin ups
f) Seated low row

Combo of:
g) BB walking lunges
h) BB squats
i) BB Bend over back row

Supersets of:
j) Leg raises
k) Hoist machine leg extension

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