Thursday, March 4, 2010

adiNation Training Run - 3 March 2010

It was a tough fartlek training yesterday evening despite the “gentler” 250-meter track vis-à-vis the Deer Park’s 450-meter track. Ronnie and the guys did the 300-meter while the newbies like Fiona, Kee, Rama, Shah and myself did the 250-meter (average measurement on the Garmin was 240-242 meters); Eileen and one of Fauzan’s friend were the exceptions and did the short of the shorter i-have-no-clue-but-guess-it’s-180 meters.

It was probably the toughest and longest 1 minute in our lives but the joy and elation after the practice is unmatched. In fact, I am still brimming (with pride?) and smirking this morning. We finished the ten sets in just under an hour. I had Fauzan chase and scream at me from behind for the last two sets but the timing wasn’t anything to shout about – the exhaustion had creped in by the then. The timings hovered between 3:49 minute/km and 4:06 minute/km.

I should have stuck to eight sets or at least go at 80-90% instead of 100% because both my calves cramped up after that. I could not even walk back to the children’s playground and Kei Ming had to push the soles of my feet to increase the pressure and stretch on my calves. Bee Hoon who was nearby, immediately spotted the inflated veins on my shins and concluded that I had probably pushed too hard and went beyond my capacity.

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