Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And the functional training continues

It was the usual once-a-week functional training today, especially so since we had a weights session yesterday. And so, it was a giant superset of exercises, minus the ones for the abs.

Supersets of:
a) Squats with each foot balanced on the mini stability “pillow” – my left side is “uber” weak as my foot kept sliding towards the edge resulting in me having to utilize the right quads

Meanwhile on the Busa ball,
b) DB clean and jerk
c) Combo of DB bent over row and dead lifts
d) DB bicep curl – I had to soften my knees and push my butt back but this posture left me with tight lower back muscles, similar to my MRT experience over the weekend

And over on the bench,
e) BB chest press
f) BB pull over – straight arms

Followed by,
g) DB walking lunges with jumping squats at the end
h) Return journey of the DB walking lunges with a static squat at the end
i) The dreaded chin ups on True Stretch

Abs was plank with toes on the bench and the wheeled abs.

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