Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday's Superset Workout

I spent like 95% of the workout on the Busa ball and the entire workout was one giant superset! I am still trying to work my way around the Busa and am wondering if I will be strong enough by say, May this year. I could be more aggressive and set an March or April target but after this morning’s hobble and wobble, May seems more appropriate – underestimate targets just so I could exceed expectations when it actually happens.

Using the barbell and weights from the Body Pump classes,
a) Combo of dead lift, upright row and shoulder press
b) Overhead shoulder press
c) Bend over back row
d) Squats with a 10-second squat for the final repetititon

e) Chin ups on True Stretch
f) DB chest press with half the back is supported by the bench
g) BB bicep curl

h) Weighted BB abs crunches on mat
i) Weighted plate abs crunches on stability ball
j) Tricep dips with feet on stability ball

Since there will be an adiNation Training Run in the evening, I eased up on the Precor elliptical after the functional training.

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