Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Overhaul Part II

I had my second session of a deep tissue massage with Diane on Sunday and thankfully, it was not as agonizing as round one. Recall that I was in pain (it is not even soreness!) during and for the next 2 days after the session – it felt like a truck ran over me! Diane termed the last session as a “complete overhaul and detox” while the recent Sunday’s as “maintenance”.

She asked if there were any particular areas I wanted to work on and as sadistic as it was, I replied “back and shoulders” - I must be a glutton for punishment after round one. I even requested hard pressures to be applied – whatever that needs to get the job done. To my amazement, my muscles yielded easier to her touch this time around and the only niggle from this session is some lower back soreness today.

The major benefit of a deep tissue massage (for me at least) is the reduced tightness on the muscles and it was an easier weight training session this morning. Diane and I compared notes and we both concluded that oil massages in Bangkok is not that good – it is probably because that it is not that specialty. Thus far, only Diane’s massages seem to do the trick for me and seeing that she is so popular with SgRunners (the fully booked days following the Singapore Marathon!), I have booked my sessions up to December!

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