Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Functional Weight Training

Since it was two consecutive days of training, we did a functional weight training session this morning. It was my first time hearing this term but the exercises were not unfamiliar. A functional session makes use of the Kinesis and Technogym cables and the athlete’s own body weight. As with yesterday, we did a total body conditioning workout.

Supersets of:
a) Technogym cable chest fly into chest press
b) Technogym cable wide grip lat pulldown into close grip lat pulldown seated on stability ball
c) DB lunges with DB squats in between ending with explosive jumping squats
d) DB front raise into DB lateral raise into DB dead lift

Supersets of:
e) Ab crunches with weighted ball on half stability ball with legs raised on second stability ball
f) Single arm DB row
g) Push ups on half stability ball
h) BW chin ups

Items (e) and (h) were tough simply because for the former, my core is so weak and for the latter, my right laterals tenses up while doing the job and are so much stronger than my left. It is so lopsided that from now on, Michael is making me do chin ups every session. I am so dead.

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