Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Glutton for Punishment

It is just so ironic that Tobi and I were discussing (over Facebook naturally!) muscle soreness over the weekend after my posting about the aftereffects of Friday’s workout and am now wallowing after this week’s workouts. I am constantly amazed by the strength (mental and physical, mind you) of triathletes like Tobi who compete in Ironman distances of 3.8km, 180km and 42km – golly even thinking about it makes my heart skip 10 beats! That is just the competition – think about the hard work, time and dedication they will need to put in just to get to the starting line. Even Richard (Horry’s mate) commented that he could only manage the 70.3km due to the scarcity of time and mileage.

My muscles (or more likely the thinking side of my brain!) must have very short-term memories for after Friday’s pre-Chinese New Year workout, I was back to the same darn thing yesterday! Either that or people like Tobi, Richard and I are gluttons for punishment. Ok, well maybe I am not exactly in the same league as them but you get the picture.

It was an extremely demanding session yesterday and Michael was unrelentlessly loading the plates and weights! It was so bad that for the final set of the leg press, he asked another trainer to support one side while he kept watch on the other lest the entire thing falls flat, on my face that is.

Here is my hazy recollection of yesterday’s workout:

Supersets of:
a) BB incline chest press
b) DB chest press
c) Close grip chin ups (doesn’t he ever give up???!!!)

Supersets of:
d) Plate loaded leg press
e) Hack squats
f) DB climb lunge onto bench with a 10-second squat for the final repetition

Supersets of:
g) DB overhead shoulder press
h) Seated row
i) Abs – crunches balanced on stability ball

There may have been another one or two more to the list above but memory escapes me.

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