Thursday, February 18, 2010

adiNation Training Run - 17 February 2010

The horror of all horror descended when Ronnie announced that yesterday’s session was one to go out and break all records! I had initially thought it would be an easy session after the guys’ hill interval training the prior day but Ronnie wanted to test the effectiveness of that training on Kei Ming and Rujhan. I arrived at 5:50 pm since the run was scheduled to start at 6:15 pm but due to inclemental weather, we only managed to push off at 6:35 pm.

Since it was all out session, everyone blasted off the blocks from lap 1 – I found out later that they did 10+ minutes for the first lap! Absolutely horrifying! I stayed back with one of the guys (darn! I still have not managed to remember his name!) for the first two laps as the both of us weren’t that crazy! It was also easier to run without any time pressures and the cool weather helped a lot. The latter made the final two laps more comfortable since I was running solo without Rama to pace me. Ok, maybe the weather factor is only applicable to me since Kei Ming was literally dripping H2O at the end of the run – he was even wringing his top!!!
I came away from the session pretty pleased with myself as it was half a minute faster than the last run of a similar especially after a week’s lay off. So it was 50:10 minutes for 9.2km. I will try to rest as much as possible over the next two days before this weekend’s City Day Run – if I wake up feeling lousy on Sunday, it will be a DNS, not that I am too concerned about such a status.

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