Thursday, February 4, 2010

adiNation Training Run - 3 February 2010

With the Putrajaya Night Marathon (PNM) just around the corner, everyone took a well deserved break and did a slow three laps. I even managed to finish ahead of Ronnie and Lai – yes, it was that slow! I followed Kei Ming for the first 1.3 km before Fauzan opened the pace and spurred Kei Ming to follow suit. Kei Ming ran the entire route with Fauzan – at a very tough pace. I plodded on and William passed me after that. Soon it was Rama and I was expecting either Ronnie or Lai to follow suit but they never did. Surprise, surprise surprise! I trailed Rama for the last bit of the second and third laps, finishing at 38:22 minutes.

I was thoroughly soaked – down to the shoes and socks as it rained (pretty heavily) for the entire run. Hopefully the shoes dry out by Saturday or else I may have to commission the NB WR905 for PNM – definitely not something I want to do since I have only done one short 4+ km lapper with it.

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