Friday, February 12, 2010

Final Workout before CNY

It was a tough session this morning and I survived! Won’t anything about the lactic acid build up though lest it comes back to haunt me over the weekend! I must be one of those rare folks who do not really need the extra push before Chinese New Year (CNY) just so I could let loose during the festivities – on the contrary, I am supposed to increase my calorific intake! And I’m not too sure I can do the latter during CNY since based on precedents, I tend to nibble my way through – probably coz I’m overwhelmed by the amount of food?

Today’s major muscle training:

Supersets of:
a) Leg press
b) Leg extension
c) Prone leg curl
d) BW sumo squat

Supersets of:
e) Low row
f) Nautilus incline chest press
g) Nautilus shoulder press

Supersets of:
h) BB bicep curl
i) Combo of crunches (legs in air held at varying degrees) and leg raises

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