Thursday, February 11, 2010

adiNation Training Run - 10 February 2010

I felt really lethargic throughout the run – not too sure if it was due to the heat and humidity or the tiredness from the Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010 (PNM 2010) coupled with the week’s workouts. The former was excruciatingly punishing and I was still sweating buckets on the way home. Despite the sluggishness, I managed to complete the usual four laps around Lake Gardens – and lo behold, the timing of 50:35 minutes was a shock albeit a pleasant one! Quite a number of us showed yesterday – Kei Ming (although he did his own fartlek training), Ronnie, Rujhan, Kumar (or is it Suresh? The champion walker), Lai, Kee, Rama, Eileen and one of my colleague-whose-name-I-never-managed-to-find-out.

I kept with the group for the first round but from the second round onwards, I was running on my own. The distance between the guys (except for Lai who was taking it slow and easy following his 42km PNM 2010) and me seemed to be increasing with every step I took. I only managed to overtake Rama towards the end of the third round and he encouraged me to go on – not too sure if he cramped up or was nursing an injury as I saw him grinding to a stop and walking just after the toilets near the deer park.
Apart from dripping bucket loads of sweat, I came away from yesterday’s run with a huge blood blister on the underside of my right foot bunion – this was on top of the existing clear liquid blister. Talk about punishment!

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