Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Core Workout

I think Michael is designating Wednesdays as core workout days. As with last week, we used the private area for personal training this morning – similar props as well e.g. half stability ball, stability ball, True Stretch. On days like this i.e. no heavy weights, I’m inclined to skip the second protein shake. It was an all in top-to-toe workout without any breaks in between the exercises except for the one between the giant all-in and the abs.

Supersets (if this giant all-in can be termed as such!) of:
a) half stability ball – DB squats
b) half stability ball – DB shoulder press
c) half stability ball – combo of DB dead lifts and frontal raise with an additional set of DB dead lifts for the final set
d) half stability ball – DB rows
e) lunges
f) Technogym and stability ball – close grip lat pull down
g) half stability ball and bench – raised push ups i.e. toes on bench
h) True Stretch – chin up – yay! Michael said there was some improvements! First seven reps were “improvements”.

Abs supersets of:
a) half stability ball and legs raised (ok, held by Michael since I’m a newbie) – crunches
b) stability ball and bench – raised plank i.e. toes on bench
My abs will ache real bad tonight or at the latest starting tomorrow. Going by precedent, this should keep me awake for two whole nights and the precedent was even tough when I was doing it! Today’s first ten reps of crunches already had in wallowing in pain.

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