Friday, February 5, 2010

Fifth Workout with Michael

I think we are pretty set on a three-day workout week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Michael does not appear to be the type to move or reschedule workout days frivolously. I think Michael is going to turn out to be Prabha No 2! On his way out for breakfast, walking past me on the Precor cross trainer, he warned me to keep my cardio to 10 minutes. Recall Prabha’s early arrival at the gym just so I do not go overboard with the cardio while waiting for him to arrive for our session. It was a lax cardio session this morning and if not for today’s weight training session, I would not be working out since tomorrow is the Putrajaya Night Marathon.

It was another total body workout today:

Supersets of:
a) Technogym Dual Cable Row of alternate squats and lunges
b) Technogym Dual Cable Row of alternate two-arm rows and single arm row
Supersets of:
c) BW chin ups [we have to do this every session until we correct the right and left imbalances!]
d) BW dips

e) Technogym machine low row
f) Life Fitness incline chest press
Supersets of:
g) Life Fitness leg press
h) Plank on stability ball with legs balancing above bench
Supersets of:
i) Nautilus bicep curls
j) Push ups
Supersets of:
k) Abs – low leg raises
l) Abs – high leg raises
m) Abs – static leg raise

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