Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday in the Park

A word of caution: never ever head to Lake Gardens (LG) on Sunday evening unless you are the type who likes courting traffic jams, circling around the parking lot looking for a space and crowds. I will never learn from experience! Despite the madness that accompanied me from last weekend’s run, I found myself in exactly the same spot on Sunday – almost to the exact hour and minute! However, God has been on my side for these two times as I managed to snag a parking space.

On both occasions, I ran the customary two loops around the lake, dodging toddlers and courting couples in the process. The aftereffects of the rain earlier in Petaling Jaya (don’t ask me how 2 places apart from one another correlates) and overcast skies made yesterday’s run bearable. I had initially planned on going into cruise mode given the morning’s cardio in the gym and pole practice but somehow found myself pushing it a bit more on the actual route. Not too sure if this was due to the caffeine/coffee I had before the run or if I am predisposed to running faster in the evenings or after a nap. I am not going to complain about both possibilities – hey whatever helps in improving my times.

LG tend to filled to the brim with families and courting couples on Sunday evenings. Now this is a huge contrast to the mornings where you will likely bump into seniors and serious runners, minus weekend mornings. I guess dodging badminton kids or parents, kids on bicycles, toddlers running aimlessly and courting couples who take up 90% of the jogging path is good training for the Army Half Marathon or Singapore Marathon where the crowding is at least three times that on LG’s path. Nope, I am not complaining here just in case you think I am being selfish or a sour puss – these are merely my observations. Anyway I don’t think I made a huge fuss over the human walls at these races apart from the odd comment here and there.

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