Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hong Kong in spring - any takers?

YM and I are planning on a trip to Hong Kong sometime in April to take advantage of MAS’ recent fare promotion. Unfortunately, the travel period is up to October 2010; else, I would have booked for a year-end trip as well! The weather during April should still be nice and cool enough for walking the streets vis-à-vis the summer heat. The only downside is missing their mega summer sales but this should not be too much of a setback since the factory outlets at Tung Chung are already selling items at 30-40% discounts.

I am beginning to fall in love with Hong Kong as I did with Singapore. I would love to go back to Bonheur and discover what else the chef can whip out for a vegan. In addition, I must make it a point to actually have the Chinese dessert which we had to forgo during the recent trip because we were too full from our meals when the opportunity arose. Other foodstuff on my wish list (and these are of lesser priority) would be the fried dough fritters and dim sum – the former can be had in a meal of the latter.

With food taken care off, the other item would be shopping. We got our hands on some good deals during the recent trip, so a repeat “performance” would be brilliant. In terms of shopping, I do not have any specific items or shops in mind, so I will probably wander around and see what catches my eye.

Hmmm maybe I should consider exploring Hong Kong as a tourist instead of planning a trip around food and shopping. Alas, Hong Kong is not known as an art haven (minus the classical Chinese artifacts and Ming heirlooms that I am not really interested in) unlike Amsterdam or Paris – or am I misguided? Time to consult the Lonely Planet perhaps?

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