Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mandy's 7th Birthday

I received a handmade and handwritten birthday invite from Mandy on Friday evening – it was so sweet of her! The dinner was set for The Club @ Bukit Utama for Saturday 7 pm, so it was a bit of a rush getting home, shower and prepped after yoga which naturally had to be on the other side of town – Ampang. I was more or less saved by the rain on Saturday – which delayed everyone getting out of the house.

As with any dinner involving my grandparents, notwithstanding that it was for Mandy’s birthday, it was Chinese cuisine thorough and thorough. We ordered the usual hodge podge of fish, chicken, veggies, bean curd, pork and halfway through, a serving of roast duck. Specifically, it was steamed fish with ginger and soy sauce, braised chicken in herbal soup (gathered that this was done just right and the herbs were not overpowering), boiled spinach with bean curd sheets in pork soup (apparently the pork was juicy and tender) and braised bean curd with some root vegetable stem.

I guess if Mandy had her way, she would have picked McD or KFC or Pizza Hut over The Club! She also saved herself by having smaller portions during dinner in order to indulgence in the birthday cake later that evening. The cake was the SOP – chocolate cake from Secret Recipe; no other flavours or from any other bakery allowed. I have been in love and awe with Equatorial’s chocolate truffle cake since my first bite like 10 years ago! The one from Crowne Plaza is equally excellent. Aunty Mabel and I see eye-to-eye on this – in fact she was the one who initiated me to this culinary delight. Sadly, we are not allowed to have any of these for family dinners and birthdays – my grandparents think that these cakes are too dense and hence of poorer quality when the opposite is true! Looks like we have to reserve these chocolate truffle cakes (or any of those from Equatorial or Crowne Plaza) for office birthdays. By the way, the blackforest cake from Crowne Plaza is also super!

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