Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Riding the Racer

It was an exhilarating run with the NB WR905 this morning. My first racer. My first run with a racer. While today’s timing was not anything to shout about, I felt good throughout and after the run – I am guessing this novelty will wear off very soon.

Lacing up felt a bit different due to the thinner tongue and the distinct structure and placement of the shoelace eyelets. The shoe is super lightweight and it felt like I was floating around Lake Gardens. Throughout the run, I wondered how I could have run in the 858, which is probably the heaviest trainer I have owned and resolved that from now onwards, I would stick to the 966 or 905.

This naturally brings us to the next dilemma – should I continue to use the 905 like a trainer or save it for races since I would need to interchange the shoes in between runs. The alternative would be to get another trainer or racer, which sounds tempting but pocket unfriendly. I will probably pop by the New Balance store in Raffles City this weekend and see if the $100 shoes are still available.

The downsides of the 905 include less support and stability and its short lifespan/durability. A couple of ways to overcome these shortcomings:
a) improve my running gait and stride
b) use trainers for training and racers for racing but I am loathe to keep a strict definition between these as it means limiting my practice time on the racer
c) get another pair of trainers or racers

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