Monday, January 25, 2010

NB WR905

I got myself a new lover over the weekend. His name is NB WR905. On Tobi’s (that’s Tobias Frenz, multiple winner of Ironman and trialathon, a fact I only found out recently) recommendation, I got a pair of racers with the New Balance voucher from the Pacesetters-NB 30K run. His take was to shod myself with either the 769 or 905 to move up the podium. Good Lord these are racers!

Racers are for serious competitive runners with efficient strides. I am just a casual weekend runner with a collapsed arch problem and overpronators like me should stick to stability trainers. I took a chance and read a couple of reviews on both models and discovered that the 769 is actually a stability trainer. I did not find anything on the first few pages of the Google search return on the woman’s 905 and had more or less settled on the 769 until I chanced upon the advert in Footloose (Pacesetters’ newsletter). The next thing to do was to physically try out the shoes and off to 1Utama I did.

In fact I tried the 1225 as well since the NB guy said this was the closest to my current 966 which also meant a 50% increase in the complexity of the decision tree in my mind! In the end, size limitation on the 769 and the quantum of the top up on the 1225 (RM119 – 769; RM139 – 905; RM229 – 1225) settled the issue for me. I was secretly hoping for the 905 since I have never had a pair of racers.

The downsides to racers include their limited uses to short runs (up to half marathons), short life span and partial support (i.e. good for runners with effective strides). Hopefully I could take them out for a ride tomorrow morning – will update everyone soon!Tobi told me he got himself three pairs: 405 (?), 760 and a street sneaker. Naturally he had a lot more to play with since he did the 30km vs my 10km. I am still trying to come to grips with having so many shoes (4 now), trainers I mean, and so it’s baffling to even imagine people like Tobi or Ronnie who participate in multi sports or competitive running and their shoe collection.

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