Monday, January 25, 2010

Rest Days

Saturdays are designated rest days, unless it was not possible to fit in a session with Satish during the week. It makes sense to rest on Saturdays since I usually use Sunday as the start of the week. Plus if I’m travelling down south and I usually take the first or second flight out, it’s a bit tight to fit in a cardio on Saturdays, however short. Actually if I was travelling for a run, I would skip the gym on Saturday to rest the legs.

I discovered I can go a little further on the cross trainer on the Sundays when I had enough rest on the previous day. Other than a spot of yoga in the evening, I do nothing else. Someone even advocated that such days should be all rest and food load up days to rest the body and compensate for the tough trainings the body had endured throughout the week. I doubt I can ever adopt this school of thought – I am not one to eat at wanton and my stomach seemed to have shrunk over the years. My meal portions on Saturdays are no different from the other days. Oh by the way, I do not diet. Have never. And will unlikely to ever to.

Sherry (aka Shahrina Fisher) chided me last week for posting on Facebook, the intense backbend session I had in Volker’s class (yoga, in case you haven’t been following my blog) after I had initially said something about staying away from the gym and running. In a way my definition of rest days are slightly different from the general view – hey yoga is just stretching and most times (not all!!!), I hardly sweat during the practice.
I would rate Saturday’s yoga practice at 6 on a scale of 1-10. It was not as intense as some of Richard or Volker’s classes but Sha took us through the poses incorporating Kapalabati in a few of them, including in the modified handstand. Hence I woke up on Sunday and today with stretched hamstrings. All in, the rest and yoga on Saturday did me good as I felt more relaxed going into Sunday.

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