Friday, January 8, 2010


Vinz buzzed me on MSN last night asking if I was doing the Pacesetters 30K next weekend. I have been tinkering with the application since the Malakoff 12km Run (Malakoff) last month. Both the Pacesetters 30K and Malakoff Run are Pacesetters events. Now, if you were a regular on the KL running scene, you would know that Pacesetters’ organized runs are known to be THE toughest on the circuit and will be 100% hills. If you are not convinced, do a Google search and read up on some of the race reports and reviews. I remember someone quipping “if the first 15km wasn’t tough enough, the organizers made us do it again for the return journey” and “running the flippin route twice”.

Vinz told me he had signed up for the 20km - Pacesetters had the foresight to include the 10km and 20km in the run – and will be coming into town on Saturday. I am amazed at Vinz’s progress; believed he only picked up the sport last year and he has already completed his first 21km at the Penang Bridge Marathon 2009.

I forwarded my sign up form to Pacesetters this morning but I have not made up mind on showing up next Sunday. I will probably fidget with this up until the morning of the event. I have even lined up a multitude of excuses ranging from no or limited parking spots at Padang Merbok, Bukit Aman and Lake Club, the dreaded double hills, the absolute worse timing I recorded for the same route during the Mizuno Wave back in 2008 and to conserve energy for end of month Run for My Lunch.

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