Thursday, January 14, 2010

adiNation Training Run - 13 January 2010 & Barefoot Running

It was the usual four loops around Lake Gardens yesterday evening but as Kee was not around, everyone took it easy. The group was slightly smaller – perhaps a lot of the folks were resting in preparation for the New Balance-Pacesetters 30K on Sunday though Kenny laughed at my suggestion contending that it was too early for tapering.

Kei Ming ran barefooted as he forgot to bring along his running shoes although Fauzan offered to loan him his spare. It was a good opportunity for him to try out barefoot running. I read somewhere that the “evolution” of technology etc and creation of fancy things like cushioning, stability etc in running shoes are forcing our feet into unnatural positions leading to injuries; after all human feet were not created to fit into shoes. There may be some truth there since our ancestors did not have any footwear and went about hunting and farming barefooted. I have even heard of guys clocking sub 4 for marathons. I guess I am just building a case to get the Vibram Five Fingers! The one and only issue is the “exorbitant” cost. The Vibram Five Fingers is touted as the IT shoe that gets as close as possible to barefoot walking/running and is supposed to ease the wearer into doing it raw.

With Kei Ming running gingerly, Kee being absent and Ronnie recovering the weekend’s LSD, everyone pulled back slightly. I was running with Kei Ming, Ronnie and Fong for the first two laps before dropping back in the third. Kei Ming slowed down a fair bit going into lap 2 and we lost him about 100 meters after lap 2’s start. I dropped back from Fong and Ronnie in lap 3 and eventually completed the run at 50:24 minutes. Kei Ming and Eileen finished three laps while the rest of us did four.

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