Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday's Workout

It was another total body workout this morning. My abductors and hamstrings were still aching from Wednesday’s training but I did not think the niggle was “sore enough” to justify a rest. I am finding Michael’s programme tougher than Satish’s or perhaps it’s because of the long lay off from serious workouts. Today’s programme:
  • Cable kinesis supersets of lat pull downs, freestanding low row and lateral pull down
  • Cable kinesis supersets of chess press+fly and shoulder press
  • Supersets of leg extension, prone leg curl and sumo squat jumping jacks
  • Supersets of BB bicep curl, rope tricep and push ups (the last set included Michael pressing down a 35lb plate on my back – crappers!)
  • Abs – crunches on stability ball

At this rate, I will need to load up on my protein intake – just how much soy can a person consume??? I am mulling Michael’s suggestion about adding a second protein shake on my cardio days but this could be tricky since my current soy intake is already wrecking havoc on my estrogen levels.

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