Thursday, January 28, 2010

adiNation Training Run - 27 January 2010

I ran pretty much on my own yesterday and somehow the four laps came up pretty fast and the best bit was I was not negative during any part of it. I came in at 50:21 minutes which is about my usual time. Everyone more or less runs together for the first lap (ok, except Fauzan who does it at his race pace) and thereafter the faster ones like Rujhan, Ronnie, Adam and Kenny would speed up (exponentially!). Lai took it easy and we were at each other’s tail for the second lap but I overtook him on the upslope near the waterfall. I think he was pacing a girl from the KLCC group (I forgot her name) since it was her first time with us. Joanne (Fauzan colleague and a newbie to the Lake Garden’s group) did four laps although Ronnie had indicated that newbies are “allowed” to run three laps.

We had some fruits (“lovingly” washed and peeled by Fauzan) after the run – I skipped this as I could never stomach any solids immediately after my runs. The fruit platter include mini mandarin oranges, grapes, pink guava etc. We joked that he should bring durians next week! It is this sort of camaraderie I enjoyed most from the training runs.

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