Thursday, January 21, 2010

adiNation Training Run - 20 January 2010

It was a disappointing run for me as I was hoping to dip below 50 minutes but alas the final timing was 50:28 minutes. I loathe blaming the Pacesetters-NB run the past Sunday or the searing humidity and heat. My shorts were already damp midway in the first lap from the sweltering heat and it only got worse as the run progress. The heat never let up even after we finish the run! Fauzan commented that he was practically dying of thirst after the second lap, something that was very unusual. Even Suresh found it discerning; Adam and Rujhan took the easier way out and ran three laps. Unfortunately, this scenario will repeat itself during the Putrajaya Night Marathon that is coming up in 3 weeks, going by precedent runs at night in Putrajaya. I have to find a way to run and run well in stifling heat and humidity. Oh yeah, at the end of the run, Ronnie told me I should train and run like a guy! Golly, every of my trainers so far and now Ronnie!

I started well, trailing Kee for 2.5 laps before he dropped off just after the bridge leaving me to finish the run on my own as Ronnie, Adam and Ruhjan had overtaken us in lap two. I was surprised that Kee didn’t take off like a rocket like he normally does and I was glad to pace him though if he had run a little faster, I could have done a sub-50. As usual Fauzan took the lead and probably completed the four loops in under 45 minutes.

We had two newcomers - ladies – Fauzan’s colleagues joining us yesterday. Well at least now, I do not feel so out of place since for the longest time (before Eileen came on board 3 weeks ago), I was the solo female. Kei Ming and Lai were noticeably absent – guess school and work caught up with them.

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