Thursday, December 10, 2009

Malakoff Run

The organizers sent out an email earlier in the week informing the 6km runners that the original proposed 6km run is now a 7.4km run due to the recalibration of the route. I was momentarily stunned and am having second thoughts about going for this event. I am one for shorter distances and had originally planned for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon to be my final event for the year. The shorter distance is more a psychological play since I could tell myself that anything less than 10km should not be counted. So now what do I do about this? And really should I be making such a big fuss over the additional 1.4km?

The further distance would also mean a longer duration for pain and suffering bearing in the mind the route winds its way through the killer hills at Taman Tun and Bukit Kiara.

If I skipped this run, the next scheduled one would be the “Run for My Lunch” at the end of January 2010. The distance for this is 6km but since it is in Singapore, it will be a super competitive race despite it being tagged as a charity event. Runners in Singapore tend to be much faster than the ones in here; I’m not sure if this is due to their competitive streak, accumulated and significantly longer training hours or technique or maybe it’s just home ground advantage.

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